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How It Works

Our recruitment process is simple, efficient and socially responsible.

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1. Search Profiles

Our platform allows you to search profiles according to their skills and professional experience. Simply describe your needs, and we’ll provide you with a list of talented candidates!

2. Access Information

Participants to our Programs are advised and personally accompanied by mentors and coaches, members of our community. This Wintegreat surrounding guarantees you a first-hand, 360° information on our Talents.

3. Interview

After having selected the profiles who match your needs, meet and interview them. We guarantee that the interviews go well, and you remain, at any stage, entirely free to make your own mind and final decision!

4. Hire and Support Wintegreat

As our WinWorkers service fits to 1 participant out of 3 coming from the Wintegreat programs, when you hire a WinWorker, we charge you the necessary fee to cover our expenses for three further Wintegreat participants. By hiring a Talent, not only you hire a collaborator that helps bring and manage innovation into your company, you also multiply your social impact! And this is of course at a lower cost compared to classic headhunters.

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